Monday, March 18, 2013


Went back to Caesars Creek looking for the place described by a retired farmer from Athens Ohio.I found the abandoned farm and finally found the wood lot hillside overlooking Caesars Creek.I did not find the biggest buckeye tree he had ever seen.The weather went from warm and sunny to cold rainy overcast in a few hours.I will go back and see what else I can find.


Spent an evening following deer tracks in Caldwell Preserve.Really not thinking of a picture but just getting a recharge sorely needed.



Was told by a retired farmer who lives near Athens Ohio about an Old Growth Woodlot behind some land he used to farm by Caesars Creek Ohio.We had a good laugh because we had both got dogs ditched behind his farm for not being able to hunt.Found some old growth but not the lot he described.



Returned to Tight Hollow Kentucky to search for a picture.Last time I was back here was in the 80's. I was hunting Grouse with the Old Man.My son Miles and his friend Schyler made the trip.It rained all day after a very dry summer.To stay on public land required the usual bushwack.After getting good and wet we found it easiest to walk the creek.We found a dry cliff because we went light no tent.That night we were joking and talking when we heard the beginning creak of a tree coming down.We stopped talking looking out into dark.We could hear the roots ripping out the cliff face it had held for so many years.The big old pine came down with a very loud very close explosive whoomp! We thought about all the other dead trees baked dry by the Summer now soaking up the rain like a sponge.The next day the rain was freezing in the bottom of the hollow as we made our way out of the hollow.