Sunday, April 24, 2016

Laughery Creek,Great Crescent Brewery

Searched Laughery Creek Valley for some old trees that settlers would not cut down to shade live stock or use for fire wood.Saw some possible big trees up on a hill side but could not find the land owners.Got lost and ended up in Rising Sun In.Back in Aurora I stopped at Great Crescent Brewery

No luck finding any old growth I did find a real unfiltered Kolsch  in Great Crescent's  Blonde Ale! At $4.00 a pint it was the best find of the day.

I had a hunch that after a wet week two days of sun would dry out the grass enough to mow.I went back to the farm that I saw some possible finds and sure enough the bush hog and rider mower where out.After getting permission,I headed up the hill side into the woods and sure enough what I thought I saw I saw.These Oaks are on private land and require permission from the landowner to visit.

Laughery Creek Bur Oak

Laughery Creek Chinkapin Oak

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tribbett's Woods Wells Woods,Twisted Brew tap room Sunday April 3rd 2016

Made the trip to Twisted Crew Brewery in Seymour Indiana

Twisted Crew  are very dog friendly,Molly enjoyed her Kobe Beef Message.
The Complementary 2.oz samples of their 8 ales where enjoyably informative for growler selection.
They were out of their famous award winning Dirty Blonde Ale,maybe next trip. 
Growlers are the only Sunday beer sales allowed in the great state of Indiana unless you like to smoke inside a bar.

On Tap This Weekend:Belgian Blonde - Stout - Amber - Dark Belgian I.P.A - Wheat - Dark Belgian - Indian Brown Ale - IPA - 

We proudly added Twisted Crew to the Gulf Scream Napster.

Tribbet's Woods is what European settlers found,swampy clay mudd soil that is hard as brick when dry.


White Oak And Swamp Oak

Wells Woods is not far away and pretty much the same except for the Tulips and Red Maples.

Tulip Poplar and Red Maple